It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Now there’s a good quote. The best season is finally here again.

173 years ago today, John Muir was born. Muir was pretty much awesome, hiking all over the place, writing about his travels and experiences, and helping set up the National Parks that I love so much. Thanks, John.

In honor of his 173rd birthday, I’ve made these wallpapers, each with a Muir quote over one of my photos. To download one or all of them, click here.

Don’t forget that this week is National Park Week. Free entry everywhere. Go. Enjoy. See what Muir saw.

Hey there, June

It’s only June 4, so I didn’t miss too much of the month for this to count.

If you are so inclined, please enjoy this wallpaper as a token of something I made. It comes with a built-in calendar, so you can know days and such. And it comes with a quote, too. But you don’t have to use the quote if you don’t want. I made two versions in case you’re picky. There are 26 days left in June. Why not enjoy them with this wallpaper?

I made this for you.

Download with quote
Download without quote

It’s my last night of the year in Knoxville, which means you get one more video from CollegeWorld. Enjoy this sunset from one week ago, with an anonymous quote and a sweet song from Sara Beth Geoghegan.